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How I Almost Died After My Brother’s Wedding

When the rafting guide is giving the instructions, listen.

In July 2015 my brother got married. The wedding was fantastic and it’s still one of the best wedding I’ve been to (I mean I’ve only been to four but that’s not important). My best friend and I are staying with my dad and his wife, during this trip and the wedding was just the beginning.

Today we are focusing on the next part of this trip, sorry Lucas and Samantha. My dad had talked to me about going rafting whilst we were visiting. I was excited for it, it was something I had never done and it sounded like an adventure. Ah, adventure. They sure do give you fun stories to tell.

The Deschutes River in Oregon, it’s a beautiful place, I highly recommend visiting. The water is a bit cold though, mountain run-off. We gather around the rafting guides as they go over the instructions: listen to your guide, blah blah blah, go into a reclined chair position so you don’t hit rocks, blah blah blah, breath at the bottom of the waves, blah blah… wait what? God just went you’re gonna want to remember that, so off we go to our raft.

The rock our raft hit is apart of the Wapinita rapid literally the first rapid you go through on the Deschutes River (sigh). Often when you go into the rapids the guide can do a fun stunt that feels a bit like a roller coster and everyone usually ends up doused. We just decided to flip our raft instead. That part was actually fun.. and cold, very cold.

We managed to get the raft back into proper raft position, with the seats facing the sky not the water. Back into the raft we go, albeit missing sunglasses or shoes (or both in my case.. RIP sunglasses), before we hit the next section of rapid. Let me just say it is a scary feeling to look up and see the raft, with everyone else in it, going over the rapid without you. Um.. I am still in the water?

Reclined chair, breath at the bottom of the waves, reclined chair, breath at the bottom of the waves. Thank God I remembered that. It was my little mantra for the eternity (really it was like maybe a minute, maybe) it took to travel the rapid, it was really the reason I didn’t start panicking. Needless to say, once I got into the raft again, it took a bit of time for me to feel like I could get back into position and paddle. Well and also we had to get my paddle back from the river (and shoes, some how we retrieved both my shoes).

Look, when I do things I go all out. I just really want to full experience, okay? Besides the second time I went rafting it was fine.. right? Well, let’s just say, I’m skeptical that “third times the charm.”

But I’ll keep you posted.

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