How To Organize Your Bookcase

Do you go alphabetical, and if so by author or title? By genre? By series? By favorites? How do you place books when you’ve run out of space? How can I make my bookshelves more than just bookshelves?

O.M.Goodness do I feel the pain of planning a bookcase. I think everyone starts with this idea that all bookcases look like libraries where the books have a magical shelving system and the books are neatly lined up row after row. That can looks so clinical in a home though. So how do you make your bookcases personal, exciting and a feature in your home?

Everyone will say its personal preference, which it is, but that’s no help if you’re anything like me and still don’t know where to start. Over the years, being honest really it was over this past year, I found my style for my bookcase. These are the things I asked myself as I reorganized my bookcase for the umpteenth time.

How do I want my books ordered (by author/title/genre/ect.)?

Where do I want my all time favorite books?

Do I have trinkets/pictures/diplomas/ect. I want to display?

Do I have enough shelf space?

They are pretty simple questions and I’m going to give my answer to all of them so maybe you can take this as a templet and make it your own.

Keep in mind I only have one bookcase so if you have more you can totally adapt this by doing these questions for each bookcase, maybe even designating each case a single genre or series or author. Just depends on what you’re feeling.

To start, I really focus on my favorite books; I want them to be the center of my show. So they go at eye level. After I find the placement for those I go into genre; each shelf gets a genre, further sorted by series with my favorites being at the center of the shelf. Keep in mind books can lay on their backs so you can put the first book of a series horizontal on the shelf and the second on top of it and so on. When you have books that are up right, you can lay a book horizontal on top of them, I use both these methods a lot because I only have one bookcase.

Once the books are sorted I get my fandom related things and pictures and find them cozy homes on my shelves. Sometimes they sit on top of books or act as bookends, sometimes they sit at a slight angle, the very top shelf is dedicated to fandom things and random books that don’t fit my genre breakdown.

I hope this was helpful and that you put it to good use. You can see my before and after of my bookcase above, so share your photos of your newly organized book cases, I’d love to see them!

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