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Movie Review: Ready Player One

This will be a spoiler filled review, if you want to watch the film or read the book before reading this but would like a totally spoiler-free reference check out my IMDB account for that review.

I’m going to preface this by say I have NOT read the book yet, so this review is strictly based on the movie. My rule about adaptation films is that if I haven’t read the books (or played the game) yet I watch the film first. Why, one might ask? Because I want to enjoy the film. Simple as that.

A nostalgic movie, Ready Player One based off a book by the same title, is riddled with fun easter eggs and references to other films, game, books, music and so much more. It is a fun film and I really enjoyed it.

In general this film is simple in story telling and character development. The acting is well done and the script over all is good, nothing that made me cringe or took me out of the story.

I don’t often enjoy dystopian settings and this is a dystopian, so why did I enjoy it? We see societal escapism and as we move through this story we see that morph into a society that bans together to save itself. I think this feels more realistic to me, the fight that happens is to preserve something that people love, something that even before they realized it brought them together as a community. That will lead us to the lesson this film gives but we will get to that in a bit.

Wade Watts/Parzival is a fun character to follow. He is dedicated and smart which is what makes him an easy character to like, and his a total fanboy. I loved seeing him geek-out over Halliday and Art3mis, it was something that just added charm to his character. His willingness to learn from his own mistakes and the mistakes of others is what makes the ending a satisfying one.

His understanding that a game should be enjoyed for the sake of enjoyment and not accomplishment or winning is how he wins the last key, but this previous understanding is what leads us to a pretty solid lesson. Not missing out on the world around you and building community with the people around you. Over all this film does its job in being entertaining with a the addition of a soft dose of life lesson.

Was it worth seeing in theaters? Absolutely.

Would I see it in theaters again? Probably, especially if I went with a friend who hadn’t seen it yet.

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