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TTOA: The Burning Maze

Today is the release day of Rick Riordan’s third installment of The Trials Of Apollo.This won’t be a review, I’m going to talk to you guys through a little bit of what I’m hoping for and expecting with this book. There might be some spoilers for the previous two books so be cautious if you haven’t read them yet.

To start this series isn’t my favorite of Rick Riordan’s work. I was a bit underwhelmed by the first book and the second one was a bit more redeeming. I find I’m reading these books more to see into the lives of other characters that I really love rather than develop a love for the new characters. I’m not saying I dislike the books, I really enjoy them, but of all the books I’ve read by Riordan these don’t rank all that high for me.

Knowing that this series will be a five book installment, I expect this book to really pick up in conflict both personal for the characters and in the over arcing plot. Being the center installment it should be the grounding point for the first and last two books. I’m hoping that, since the second book was better for me, this one will help me love this series more.

The plot so far has been engaging and I’m looking forward to seeing this unfold more. I am interested in the mystery of the plot and that is mostly caused by Apollo not having access to all of his godly memories. The things that would make the quests’ easier are shrouded away giving the me a sense of disappointment and curiosity. Disappointment because I want answers and I can understand how frustrating it is to be just on the edge of the answer. Curiosity because now I want nothing more than to get answers. Hopefully this book answers the questions I’ve been left with prior to this book and gives enough new questions to push me through to the next two.

I am a character-driven reader, I can read a book with a poor plot and enjoy it if the characters are engaging and grow. Apollo can be a difficult character to love for me, because his progression is a bit too back and forth and that is frustrating to me. I understand, his character being a mythological god, change will be temporary to the overall narrative, but I would like to see that temporary change be a touch more permeant whilst he is human. I like Meg though, she’s spunky and I find myself wanting to know more about her. I also love that she is a powerful demigod from a goddess that is typically viewed as weak, it shows that there is more than meets the eye and not to underestimate someone or something just because of your preconceived notion. I’m hoping that the conflict that happens will push them to grow more as individuals and I am curious to see how their relationship to each other grows or devolves. I really want to know where Meg’s alliance will end up.

To recap what I’m hoping for: I hope to see more character growth, solid answers to questions the previous books have given me, new questions for the next two books to resolve, and the help me enjoy the series more. What I expect is that this book will up the stakes and be a good grounding point with in the series. What are something you are hoping for and expecting for this book? Let me know in the comments!


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