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Avengers: Infinity War


You have been warned: if you are reading this there WILL BE SPOILERS. Check out my IMDB account for a spoiler free review. Otherwise watch the movie first then come back. Don’t be mad if you decide to read this and get spoiled.

I have all of the feelings about this movie. All of them. I don’t exactly know where to start so I’m just going to start with what I know everyone will want to know without getting spoiled.

Is it worth seeing in theater: Hell yes.

Would I see it again: Hell yes.

Is there an end credit scene: It’s Marvel, of course there is.






With that all out of the way, if you’re still reading be ready for spoilers and for me talk about all the feelings the first part of this two part film left me with. This is the only film I know of that you can say “everyone dies,” and it is an actual spoiler. (Spoiler Alert).

I had a few worries for this film (being honest probably everyone had these worries) and I’ll talk about how each one was whisked away. This is an immense cast of big actor and actresses playing equally big characters. I worried about having enough time with each character and the subsequent chemistry (I’m looking at you Iron Man and Star-Lord), the flow of the story, and maintaining a light-heartedness while dealing with impending doom. This isn’t DC after all.

Starting the film with Thor, Loki, and The Hulk wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but really it was only way. This is how the groups are set up and it sets the pace for how much time we will spend with each hero team. I never felt like the movie was too focused on one or another, just when you remember there are other heroes you’re moving to them without it feeling jarring.

I loved that each of the characters maintained their individuality when interacting with each other, it actually made their interactions more believable. For example: the way Tony Stark is with Dr. Strange is similar to his relationship with Banner. The interaction differs because Dr. Strange is just as much of an arrogant ass-hole as Stark. As opposed to when Stark meets Star-Lord, he tolerates him because they have a common mission and more people means better chances. Stark totally thinks Star-Lord is dumb-ass and Star-Lord is unfazed.

That all loops into maintaining the sense of humor, if we didn’t have these weird blends of characters together each grouping would be too heavy on the seriousness or the jokes. There needs to be balance. There are my concerns resolved.

Last thing I want to talk about: balance and Thanos. I hate it when the villain has a horrible point and I hate it when I kind of feel bad for the villain. I hate it but I also love it. That’s what makes a good, compelling villain. Thanos is probably one of the best villains created, he is on a mission to create balance by killing half of every race/species/creature in the universe. This is to prevent the over use of limited resources, you can kind of see his point. Until everyone dies.

I still am not over: “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.” It’s been five days, dammit! I cried!

2019 can’t get here soon enough.

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