Book Confessions

I have a horrible habit of reading a book to about half way and then picking up a new book and reading it half way and then picking up a third and so on. It’s treacherous really. I blame this on how I read the Harry Potter series.

See I waited to watch all the movies before I read the books (I know the out rage you must feel but hear me out), I wanted to enjoy the films instead of sitting there hating that this was left out and that was ignore, so on. I know how we as readers are about film adaptations, I have decided that if I can help it I’ll watch the film, if I like the film, I’ll love the book. That’s the idea anyway.

My best friend and I decided we would read them at the same time so when I finally got my hands on the books (Thanks Dakota, totally could have stolen them from you), well I was finishing another book.  Seeing that I was about half way through it I told her to start first. I finished my book and she was still reading the first book, so I took the second one home and read that when I was at home and then read the first on when I was at her house. This pattern continued until I got to the fifth book and I finished it and the fourth book before she finished the fourth. Confusing right?

It stirred this problem that I now have where I have four books going at one time and am often tempted just to pick up a fifth instead of finishing one I’ve already started. So I’ve limited myself. What I find is I get exhausted or bored with a book, maybe the tone is too serious and I’m not feeling it, maybe its too much mystery and not enough action, maybe I’m not looking for a light-hearted read.

Here’s how I’m solving this problem, I try to just have two books going on that are vastly different. For example, I’m reading All The Light We Cannot See and I had it paired with The Trials Of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy. Although I’ve finished The Dark Prophecy and now I’m dragging my feet with All The Light We Cannot See, its a heavy book that is changing the way I think and it can be hard to read all at once, I need a break every now and then. I don’t currently have a light read to match it with. Looks like Barns and Noble is calling my name.

How do you solve reading slumps? What do you find that motivates you to read? Is it easier to read a physical book or on a tablet for you? Let me know!

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