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Movie Review: Rampage

This will be a spoiler review of Rampage, if you want to remain un-spoiled you can check out my IMDB account for that!

Rampage is actually a video game adaptation. It has a bit of a safety net in staying true to the story because the arcade game came out in 1986 (and let’s be honest most games didn’t really have much storytelling at that point in time). With this movie, what you see is what you get, lots of destruction and lots of Dwayne Johnson kicking ass.

Through out the film you get little nods to the game. I mean obviously we get our main trio from the game, George, Ralph (the flying wolf), and Lizzie (our gator friend). The rat at the beginning is a nod at Larry, who was added in a later version of the game. Of course keep an eye out for the actual arcade game.

I really enjoyed the slightly altered story that really flushed out the characters and purpose behind what happens. I say slightly because, again, the original story isn’t really that detailed. The change is just that the furry beasts aren’t human to start with, which normally would be a big deal. I think it isn’t because the point of the game was to play as massive monsters that destroy cities, not reverting them back to humans.

Saving Gorge and stopping the unlawful Energyne is the mission. It’s pretty simple and the execution is good. There is a solid mix of humor with the action, which give this more life than if it was just an action film. I love the relationship Johnson’s character has with George, it’s really the driving force of the movie. This movie is everything it said it was going to be. Mission accomplished.

Was it worth seeing in theaters: Sure, I might wait though.

Would I see it in theaters again: No.

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