Deadpool 2 A Family-Friendly Film?

This is going to be a spoiler review of Deadpool 2, if you don’t want to be spoiled read my spoiler-free review first, watch the movie and then come back.




I love Deadpool, I love the dark humor and the fourth-wall breaking. His character is by far one of my favorites but, can a R-rated film be “family-friendly”? Well if you asked the family that brought their eight(ish) year-old son into our theater the answer would be yes, I assume… unless they didn’t know what Deadpool is about, in that case… oops? Genuinely though, the parents who would bring their young and impressionable child to see Deadpool is the minority.

It does bring the question about R-rated films being family friendly, I mean there is a bit that goes into how movies are rated and why. So in Deadpool we get to see a lot of what movie fans and comic fans have come to expect about his character. He is as quick with a funny remark as he is with his guns (or whatever weapon he has close by). Within the first twenty minutes we get to see Wade and his girlfriend celebrating their anniversary, it’s sweet and weird (I expect nothing less), and Vanessa tells Wade that she wants to start a family with him.

Then they pulled an Infinity War on us. Bastards. It’s too soon okay?

Seeing the person you love being murdered right after making the choice to try and start a family is traumatic. But we are reminded often of what Vanessa told Wade when he questions her about him being a good father to their children: “Kids give us the chance of being better than we use to be.”

Now, Deadpool has a lot that it offers: awesome new characters, diversity, plenty of creative deaths and awesome dialogue. The Deadpool movies are always what they say they are. Just in a very unconventional fashion and that’s kind of the point, Deadpool is a very unconventional character. It’s why we love him.

The first one was a romance, and really it was, his motive behind what he did centered on Vanessa and being reunited with her and the crazy lengths he would go to for her. This one is family-friendly, again very unconventional and I wouldn’t recommend taking your twelve year-old to see it but like maybe your high schooler or college kid. Ultimately families don’t always look like we think they should or even how we want, but as we see in Deadpool we always have people who call us family and who we call family.

So can an R-rated film be family-friendly? I think so. Parent discretion is advised though.

Was is DP2 worth seeing in theaters? Absolutely.

Would I see it again in theater? See above answer.

Is there an end credit? Yep!

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