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Breaking In Review

This will be a spoiler review of Breaking In, if you want to read my spoiler-free review check it out here.

Breaking In came out in time for Mother’s day and it showcased what lengths a mother will go to for her children. Over all this movie is what you see is what you get. There is a lot I liked and a lot that I felt could be improved.

Talking about what I liked, I enjoyed the relationship between Shaun and her children. I really liked that at no point did Gabrielle Union’s character suddenly have a “special set” of skills to help her out. The advantages and set backs of the technologically advanced house both worked for Shaun and against her. My favorite thing is that no one saves Shaun, ultimately she is the one to save her children, her husband, and herself.

What I didn’t like has to do with storytelling choices. I love character development and character driven plots, I often find comedy and action films to be weak. Character development is often done too quickly or not at all in these types of films. Breaking In opens with a scene that I found out of place, because it focuses on Shaun’s father getting murdered. This choice doesn’t give us a look into the normal lives of Shaun and her children before the events of the film.

My mom made the defense that this scene sets up the movie, which I understand; however, I felt like this could have been done differently. We could have gathered the premise of the film from conversation and environmental storytelling.

There are characters we meet, like Shaun’s husband and even the villains, who needed more introduction. The last thing I would have liked to see is more about who Shaun is and was, granted this is an action film that was under ninety minutes, but I would have liked to have known more about her relationship with her father, how he attracted the attention of these men, what happened to her mom and why did that cause a rift between Shaun and her father.

Ultimately, it was a good action film. While I felt like I had more questions by the end of it, if you just want to see Gabrielle Union kick ass and take names then Breaking In is right on track.

Was it worth seeing in theaters? Not really, but I’d watch it on Netflix.

Would I watch it again? Probably not.

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