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Recently went to see Solo: A Star Wars Story, and I’m going to tell you my thoughts on it. This won’t really be a spoiler-review but check out my other review here if you want to be sure you don’t get spoiled.

I will admit I haven’t ever been the biggest Star Wars fan, and I know I’ll get a lot of flak for saying this, but the newest Star Wars films have been my favorite of the franchise. Rouge One: A Star Wars Story actually made me think about rewatching the older installments.

So with that in mind lets talk Solo, this was everything I expected from a Han Solo centric film. I imagine this would be the same kind of film if a young Harrison Ford stared in it and it was released around the same time as the other films. Solo is still the guy with a witty one-liner and a good heart. We see him being far more trusting than he is in the original films, but I like this, it expands on his character and shows us how he became who we know him to be.

The film isn’t over complicated and it’s a bit predictable because if you’ve seen the originals a lot of the information we get in Solo we already know. However for a younger audience who may not have seen the original films this would be exciting and probably less predictable. Over all it’s a fun, light-hearted film that sheds some light onto a much loved character.

Was it worth seeing in theater? Sure.

Would I see it in theaters again? If someone I knew wanted me to go with them sure, otherwise no.

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