Movie Review: A Quiet Place

I genuinely don't know where to start this review. I'm absolutely floored right now. A Quiet Place is a horror film but it is also so much more than that. I hesitate to really dive into this film and break it apart because I firmly believe that this is something that is best experienced in... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Adaptations

Caricatures are fun and light-hearted, usually if you want to find out what your most pronounced feature is this is the best way to do it. Although sometimes they feel unflattering, the point is to capture the essence of something quickly and efficiently. Often when adaptations of books or games come out it gets a... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Ready Player One

This will be a spoiler filled review, if you want to watch the film or read the book before reading this but would like a totally spoiler-free reference check out my IMDB account for that review. I'm going to preface this by say I have NOT read the book yet, so this review is strictly... Continue Reading →

How To Organize Your Bookcase

Do you go alphabetical, and if so by author or title? By genre? By series? By favorites? How do you place books when you've run out of space? How can I make my bookshelves more than just bookshelves? O.M.Goodness do I feel the pain of planning a bookcase. I think everyone starts with this idea... Continue Reading →

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